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IT Services

We offer all the IT expertise, resources and remote office management you need to support your business. Explore our IT services below and discover which solutions are best for you and your business.  

  • Free IT Audit

    Host My Office's expert IT consultants can provide an in-depth analysis of your current IT setup and identify any areas where you might be able to improve your operational efficiency and capabilities. The key areas we will evaluate include the following

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  • Cyber Security

    Cyber threats are no longer just the domain of large corporations. With most businesses reliant on their IT infrastructure to function, everyone is at risk.  Our managed multi-layer approach to cyber security will not only defend your business against system and network threats, but it will also help you achieve industry compliance and address the recent cyber security regulation changes.

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  • Disaster Recovery

    Having a disaster recovery solution is essential for all businesses. An unexpected hardware failure, major event or disaster could put your business at serious risk. We use one of the most robust back-up and data protection systems in the UK with the most up-to-date technology. By working with our consultants, you can be confident that your DR strategy is comprehensive and can handle all possibilities.

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  • Business Continuity

    Do you know what you’d do if fire, flood or theft hit your business?  By putting a thorough Business Continuity plan in place, you can be confident that everything will continue to function – under any circumstances. Our team of experts will work with you, and to your budget, to assess what your business needs are and how best to put processes and back-ups in place so you can be up and running within hours, not days.

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  • IT Consultants

    If you are looking for expert advice and guidance on anything IT then consulting with one of our experts is essential. By working within your business, they can help to build a robust IT Strategy with clear direction for your medium and long term business goals and identify, recommend and source the best technology solutions. With their expertise you can be confident that your IT issues aren’t issues any longer.

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  • Data Cabling

    Structured cabling installation plays a significant role in obtaining the speed and reliability of your network infrastructure. By building a strong, reliable network infrastructure, this will maximise the efficiencies of your systems. Host My Office are experienced in network installation and understand the value of a high performing structured cabling set up and can manage the complete end-to-end service.

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  • Fibre Optics

    Fibre Optic Cabling is the go to and industry standard for transferring large amounts of data quickly and over long distances. It is fast becoming far more common place in smaller Networks. Host My Office is a highly experienced fibre optic cable installer that can offer a wide range of fibre optic services and work with your business to make sure you have the best solution in place for your needs and budget.

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The benefits of working with

Access from Anywhere

your remote desktop can be used from any device on any connection

Flexible and Scalable

the solution can grow with your business, no need to pay for unused resources

Increased Productivity

access all your applications and files from anywhere

Expert Support

we’re here if you need us, from initial advice through on on-going assistance

Increased Data Security

wherever you’re working from, your data is secure

Reduced Costs

our simple, transparent pricing means you only pay for what you need

Business Continuity

we handle backups for you, meaning you can keep working, whatever happens

Future Proofing

no need to worry about hardware and software updates, we handle it all

Enhanced Collaboration

no need to worry about hardware and software updates, we handle it all