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IT for the Education sector

Take the headache away from admin and expensive IT systems and focus on teaching

The use of cloud computing is being adopted by many across the business sector, but the education sector has been slower to implement these systems.

However, adopting Cloud based IT could revolutionise the way that you and your staff work, taking away unnecessary admin time, saving vital money on bulky IT servers, allowing resources to be channelled into where they are really needed, and allowing money to be spent on equipment and more time to be spent teaching children.

Key Features

  • IT Plans designed just for you so that you only pay for what you need and only make one payment each month to suit your budget
  • Confidence that all data is kept securely, and can be restored in the event of a disaster
  • Support on hand 24/7, and guaranteed access to the latest systems and technology
  • Faster connectivity, keeping you online, no matter how many people, and whenever and wherever you are
  • Reduced admin time, better productivity for you and your staff allowing you to focus on teaching

Business Benefits

  • Cost Savings - In a sector where budgets are tight and money has to be justified, the cloud will enable you to get rid of bulky servers and the requirement to upgrade systems or servers every few years. The good news is that the technology is stored off-site, meaning that maintenance is taken off your hands, and without that headache, budgets can be slashed.
  • Provide flexibility - As students and teachers work more online and with technology being used in the classroom a lot more, a cloud based system will allow files and documents to be stored centrally. This means that students can access homework outside of the school setting, and teachers can work on preparing lessons at home outside of school teaching hours, just as easily as if they were at work.
  • Provide unlimited storage - A lot of pupils will take a lot of storage, especially as schools and other education providers increasingly use media such as video for example. Remove these data storage issues, as with the cloud, capacity is not a problem, or expensive.
  • Integrate with existing systems - Sometimes the changeover to another system means that software also needs to change as a result, as the two aren’t compatible. This isn’t usually the case with the cloud, as it’s a simple and quick process to integrate working software with the new technology of the cloud.
  • Provide data protection and back-up - With the need to keep data safe and secure and institutions facing an increasing threat from cyber attacks, the cloud takes that worry away with safe and secure firewalls and anti-virus protection, and the ability to easily restore systems should you be the victim of a natural disaster or theft. An end to excuses about not completing their homework from pupils who dropped their tablet into water!

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