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The benefits of working with us

Improve productivity by offering flexible working, enabling employees to work from anywhere in the world on a multitude of devices

1. Save money

No costly hardware or in-house IT support; with the cloud all you need is an internet connection.

Potential savings

on your IT budget

Potential savings

on your energy bills

2. Boost productivity

Access work from your own device.

Potential productivity increase

in companies investing in cloud technologies

1.5 hours

Potential working hours saved per day if field workers used mobile devices

3. Encourage collaboration

Collaboration and project management tools go hand in hand with the rise of cloud computing.

4. Better security

The cloud is one of the most secure data storage options.

of companies using the cloud say it's provided better data security

5. Increase accountability

Manage multiple projects at one time and keep track of individual contributions.

6. Deliver real-time results

Get information in real-time, in one secure place.

7. Scale your business

Expand your IT at the same rate as your business needs it to, with no lag or investment risk.

8. Faster decision making

By having projects online and accessible to you and your workforce, decisions can be made quickly.

of businesses say cloud software has allowed them to make decisions faster

9. Create flexibility

Employees can work from any location at any time when using cloud technology.

of businesses move to the cloud to increase productivity outside the office

of employee mobile devices are connected to corporate networks

10. Enjoy peace of mind with automatic updates

Cloud computing suppliers do the server maintenance - freeing up your team's time for other tasks.

of businesses move to the cloud to free up IT resources

of SMEs say cloud providers make it easier to satisfy compliance requirements