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Why Cloud Computing is Cost Effective for Smaller Businesses

Why Cloud Computing is Cost Effective for Smaller Businesses

26th October 2016

If you're running a small business, then the chances are you already know how many different factors you need to think about - from coming up with an innovative product that allows you to drown out your competitors, to the costs for everything from materials, to internet connectivity.

Cloud computing is a fantastic solution for many small companies, because it can give them access to their applications and business data anywhere, at any time, all for a reasonable price. Indeed, today, the cloud is giving small businesses access to technology that were previously out of reach - allowing them to compete with other small businesses, and larger ones too.

So why is cloud computing so cost effective for smaller businesses?

1.   You Don't Need to Buy Software

Need to upgrade the way your company works with exciting and innovative software? If you're already cloud-computing, you can access whatever you need without having to buy the physical software to install within your company office. On top of that, you get to avoid the hassle that comes with installing new programs onto your servers and computers.

2.   You May Be Able to Consolidate your Needs

If your aim with cloud computing is to make running a business simpler, then you might be able to consolidate separate application needs into a single multi-application service. For instance, Google Apps for business includes calendar scheduling, email, Google Docs, and more.

Even the traditional office application suite provided by Microsoft, which used to be available only in desktop versions for hundreds of pounds, is now available in cloud-based solutions known as Office 365 - sold as an annual subscription for a minimized price.

3.   You Can Cut Back on Hardware

We've already discussed how Cloud computing can help you make the most of cost-effective software, but did you know that it can also help you to reduce the amount you spend on system hardware too? Data backup solutions, file storage, and other programs all take up a great deal of space on computers and servers, but with cloud computing, you simply use someone else's servers to store all of the information you need instead, freeing up your computer equipment for other purposes.

4.   You Don't Need to Pay to Update

Finally, today's digital systems are constantly evolving and upgrading, and the costs associated with staying ahead of the curve would be phenomenal if it wasn't for the advent of cloud computing. Since cloud computing applications are regularly updated by hosting services, you don't have to spend time and money on completing the task yourself. In other words, you don't need to pay big to earn constant access to the latest features and functions of an application.


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