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Why a cyber-attack could mean the end of your business

Why a cyber-attack could mean the end of your business

27th June 2017

Ok, we get it. Investing in IT isn’t the most exciting thing to be spending money on. If there’s a toss-up between giving yourself a bigger salary or paying for a firewall, we know what will probably win.
But you know what? It’s a dicey risk to be taking with everything you’ve built up. It can all be gone. In a second. And that’s scary.
You can’t have failed to see recent news stories about cyber-attacks; they seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment. And it’s not just huge companies like the NHS that are being affected. What you don’t hear so often is the SME business owner who has been targeted, and what devastating effects cyber-attacks can have on a company.
Now I’m not writing this to scaremonger, but I genuinely want you to know what could be in store. I’ve seen it from the other end – business owners who have almost had to shut up shop there and then because they’ve lost everything.
The thing is, it’s not just about your computers going down for a while, and your employees not being able to do any work.
You can lose everything. Your financial details could be stolen and your bank account cleaned out within minutes. How on earth do you pay your staff? Your suppliers? Think of the effect of your customers’ data being compromised – you could have a lawsuit on your hands. Your reputation could be in tatters. No-one will trust you to do business with them again. It really is that serious.
And it can happen at any time.
It’s a passion of mine and my team to educate as many businesses as we can about the risks, and to demonstrate that the solution doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
Yes, of course, it may mean side-lining some money, but it’s probably not as much as you think. For those of you who already have experience with us will know that everything we do is remote. No need to install huge servers in your office. We’ve got massive servers stored in top secret locations, you don’t need them. That’s our job.
So please, don’t let our next contact be in circumstances where we’re picking up the pieces and trying to rescue the remnants of your business. We’d rather be there having a nice cup of tea, and possibly a biscuit while we sort your systems out. It’s a lot more pleasant. And also a lot lower cost.
We’ll tell you what. Answer a couple of questions, and we’ll tell you how at risk you are. And then we’ll tell you what you need to do to fix that, and how much it’ll cost. We’ll even give you 30 days to try it out. FREE!! That’s because we’re nice people, and also because we want you to know what it’s like having peace of mind.
So, go on, give us a call. It’ll be the best money you’ve spent this year. Better than that hot tub you were going to get.
*Note, we won’t be as expensive as a hot tub, just sayin’…

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