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Where Will Cloud Computing Be in 2020?

Where Will Cloud Computing Be in 2020?

19th October 2016

The cloud is future-proof, equipped with the resources it needs to upgrade and improve as innovations in technology continue to change and thrive. It's no surprise then, that there's plenty of promise in the future surrounding the applications and adoption of the cloud.

Over the years, cloud computing has become increasingly popular as new businesses begin to recognize the various benefits that it can offer to their everyday functionality. However, learning more about where cloud computing is going to be at the close of the decade might help you to understand more about where the cloud is going.

1.   Greater App Availability

Applications for specific industries are becoming increasingly available on the cloud, such as systems for accounting and business intelligence. Experts predict that by 2020, more than 25% of all applications will be available via the cloud, and about 58% of enterprises are already preparing for this, spending around 10% of their annual budget on cloud services.

The more app availability grows on the cloud, the more businesses will be able to rapidly explore, build, and deploy solutions for their companies - leading to greater productivity and company success.

2.   HR Innovation

Marketing and human resources are constantly moving further towards the top of the priority list for technology needs in business. As enterprises begin to see the increased use of "Big Data" applications in the cloud, it's likely that they'll start to see the available ROI that can come from marketing and human resources teams putting the cloud to work for their departments.

With the cloud, individuals in a company cannot only be more connected, but it's even possible to reach out to new employees and talent from across the globe.

3.   Increased Cloud Development

Finally, some industry leaders suggest that around half of the companies that are present today will be looking into hybrid clouds during 2017. At the same time, CIOs will be searching for new strategies, techniques, and solutions to use when implementing the cloud into business.

The hybrid cloud offers a combination of available benefits, such as on premise solutions for various problems and management convenience, and CIOs should expect to see more resources in cloud development since 85% of new software is now being built with the cloud firmly in mind. In other words, as we move further towards the future, enterprises will begin to see a significant increase in enterprise, third-party, and commercial contributors to cloud ecosystems.

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