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What Do People Know about your Business (and what does that mean for security?)

What Do People Know about your Business (and what does that mean for security?)

13th April 2017

Big businesses like Ashley Madison and Sony might get into the headlines for their cyber security attacks, but it's important to remember that these aren't the only organisations that have suffered from cyber threats. Studies suggest that around one in two companies experience a cyber-attack at some point, and 60% of the businesses targeted are small or medium in size.

The unfortunate truth is that hackers want to make money, and that means that they'll look for targets that offer an easy pay-out. If you show the world that you have issues with mobile security, and team communication or you indicate that you don't recognise the threat of cyber security, then there's a good chance you could be increasing your chances of an attack.

Here are three things that people might know about your business - and what they could mean for your security.

1.    You're Mobile

Today, more businesses than ever are embracing the benefits of mobile, with BYOD and remote working allowing employees to keep up with their professional events on the go. However, hackers can also often see that companies with mobile strategies might not have the best security measures in place to protect themselves.

It's estimated that a third of UK incidents come from the exploitation of mobile devices, which means that it's essential for companies to focus on providing a comprehensive security solution for all of their mobile workers.

2.    Your Business Doesn't Know How to Communicate

If your staff and management seem to have no interconnected pathway for communication, this could make you a significant target for cyber-attacks. After all, if your employees don't know that they shouldn't be clicking on email attachments from strange addresses or visiting certain websites, then they could be the perfect target for hackers.

Make sure that people know your company encourages a culture of cyber safety, and ensure that your employees feel comfortable raising concerns when they encounter online issues. Introducing an effective training program can help to create this atmosphere for your company.

3.    You Don't Understand the Threat of Cyber Crime

Finally, small and medium-sized businesses are well-known for underestimating the threat of cyber-crime. In fact, many companies have no idea just how dangerous the situation is. Through research conducted for the Cyber Streetwise campaign, the UK government found that around two-thirds of SMEs had no idea that their business could be vulnerable.

If the general public and hackers believe that you don't take cybercrime seriously, then they'll assume that you don't have the right resources in place to fight back against an attack. Showing the world that you respect the threat of cybercrime could lower your chances of becoming a victim.


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