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How Cloud Computing Ensures Better IT Business Continuity with Quick Recovery

How Cloud Computing Ensures Better IT Business Continuity with Quick Recovery

4th October 2016

In today's modern environment, businesses of all sizes and backgrounds are beginning to explore the concept of cloud computing as a means to deliver IT services more efficiently to users across the world. Cloud-based solutions are now providing a cost-effective and productive solution for maintaining high reliability and availability within user applications, particularly those that support telecommuters, mobile workers, and more.

One of the key benefits of the cloud business model, is the fact that it can help to ensure business continuity by speeding up disaster recovery.

Cloud Computing and Quick Recovery

In traditional companies, disaster recovery and business continuity methods were both cumbersome and expensive. Not only did they require buying and looking after a total set of hardware that matches the critical systems within a business (Such as spare computers), but they also meant finding sufficient storage to house a complete copy of constantly-updating business data.

Add the costs of ongoing maintenance fees for computers and services to those existing expenses, as well as the staff fees associated with a team of in-house IT experts, and the time associated with constantly updating backup systems, and you're left with a complicated and ineffective solution for business production and growth.

Disasters Happen

As common as disasters within the workplace can be - most businesses don't actually have a reliable system in place for data recovery. This is particularly true of smaller businesses, who struggle to find the funds associated with setting up a good plan for traditional data recovery.

However, the cloud model has represented a paradigm shift for business continuity in many circumstances - representing the next "best practice" approach to keeping company information secure, and ensuring the long-life running of businesses.

With many cloud hosting systems, data backup and recovery systems are provided as standard, so you can simply log onto your account from anywhere you like to access the information that you might have lost within your own computer. Not only that, but if disaster strikes within your physical office setting, you don't have to worry about investing in a new set of computers that have been equipped to work with a particular set of hardware and software. Cloud hosting solutions can provide applications that are linked directly to your cloud account, which means you simply need to log onto your system from any tablet, computer, or smartphone, and you can get back to work immediately.

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