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6 Ways a Hosted Desktop Could Save You Hassle

6 Ways a Hosted Desktop Could Save You Hassle

11th April 2019

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing resource that businesses can no longer afford to ignore if they want to stay ahead of the competition and at the forefront of their industry. One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing, hosted desktop services, now seems to be emerging as the most popular way of streamlining business processes and reducing some of the pressures associated with running a busy company.

Hosted desktops save you hassle by relieving the pressure that previously demanded that your businesses invest in an exclusive IT team dedicated to managing data security and server maintenance. However, that is not the only way that hosted desktops can benefit your business. Additional advantages, in terms of the effective and efficient management of your business are:

1.    Cutting Costs

The fundamental principle of operating a successful business is to earn more money than you spend. With hosted desktop services, you avoid the hassle of setting up physical servers and investing in expensive hardware equipment. The less you have to expend on hardware acquisition and maintenance, the more you can direct your budget towards investing in the expansion of your business.

2.    Boosting Efficiency

Hosted desktops invariably lead to greater efficiency because employees can share the latest versions of specific applications, enabling more rapid communication and enhanced productivity. Additionally, all of the necessary software on the desktop will update simultaneously, resulting in fewer delays in tech upgrades.

3.    Remote Working

As more employees rely upon the flexibility of remote working or accessing systems while away from the office, hosted desktops can improve the versatility of the operation of your business by enabling your staff team to access their desktops wherever they are and whenever they need to.

4.    Increased Reliability

Most hosted desktop providers today promise 99.999% uptime, which means that your business can constantly be open and ready to work. Data is stored securely behind corporate grade firewalls and, if a server fails, the load automatically moves to other servers in the cloud to ensure continuous, uninterrupted access.

5.    Scalability

With hosted desktop solutions, storage applications and software can be added and removed according to the evolving needs of your business. New employees can be enabled to use your dedicated desktop format and former employees can be locked out, according to workforce change, whenever necessary.

6.    Emergency Data Recovery

Finally, if your business requires a fail-safe solution for data storage, a hosted desktop is an ideal option. Not only do hosted desktops possess all of the necessary software to protect your important data from virus attacks, the fact that your information is also stored on the cloud means that it is completely immune from natural disasters and hardware problems.

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