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5 Reasons Why Hosted Desktops are Easy to Integrate

5 Reasons Why Hosted Desktops are Easy to Integrate

16th August 2016

Nowadays it is impossible for the global business world to ignore the benefits associated with cloud computing. As uptake accelerates throughout the world, many businesses are now in the process of moving their IT services to private cloud systems, whilst at the same time examining the various ancillary benefits that this might provide. One of the options that many companies are considering is "Desktop as a Service" or DaaS.  However, the majority of people still do not fully understand the benefits of hosted desktops and why they are so easy to integrate.

1.    Saving Money

One of the most challenging aspects of integrating a new system into a workplace is finding the budget to allow for the necessary updated technology and advanced solutions. However, according to analysts, while it may cost anything up to £2,000 per person to manage and support fixed desktop solutions, a hosted desktop strategy can reduce expenditure to under £1,000 a year.

2.    Scalability

Another concern, when integrating new systems, is what will happen when the business needs to scale. However, hosted desktops offer organizations the flexibility they need to scale and grow their requirements in IT according to their individual business needs. A hosted desktop allows businesses to add or remove employees, change storage and application functions and pay only for what they are using at any given time.

3.    Increased Productivity

One issue that many businesses worry about when considering implementing a new technological system is the possibility that productivity will suffer as staff learn how to use new equipment. However, most hosted desktops today are as straightforward to operate as any fixed system and they can increase workforce productivity significantly by enabling staff members to access the system regardless of where they are located.

4.    Reliable Security

Implementing a hosted desktop also removes the constant worry about security, as many cloud computing providers perform daily data back-ups for clients, securing their data in a safe center. You could even save time in your workday with a hosted desktop by removing the frustrating task of backing up information yourself.

5.    Great Reliability

Finally, most cloud providers promise a significant amount of uptime, meaning that your business can be open for longer, and therefore benefit from increased profits. At the same time, any cloud provider you choose to access your hosted desktop will talk you through every step of the integration process and provide support for the future to ensure that you get the most from your new system.

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